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Quero ver, quero ver, quero ver..


Legendary director Blake Edwards died yesterday. He is largely remembered for comedies that mixed slapstick comedy with highbrow sophistication like The Pink Panther, Victor/Victoria and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And his leading ladies (and sometimes men) always looked smashing, even if they were smashing a pie into someone’s face. Here’s The Gloss’ take on his most stylish scenes.



Star Wars

My take on the original Star Wars Trilogy. Officially-licensed, limited edition 24x36” screen-printed posters available through Mondo Tees on Monday 20th December. A small number of signed artist-proofs will be available from me on Wednesday 23rd December.

I was lucky enough to see these go from sketches to finished, obviously they turned out insanely AWESOME. 

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smokingissexy:Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor =O

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Deanna Durbin - Invitation to the Dance

Deanna Durbin - Invitation to the Dance

KILL BILL  (Infográfico)


Filme de Pascal Mônaco:   em 120 segundos 35 grandes obras da sétima arte através de animação e uma representação minimalista.

Fantástico Jandira!!


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"The Mysterious Lady, 1928. Original caption: USA: Greta Garbo and Eric Von Seyffertitz in with Conrad Nagel directed by Fred Niblo, a Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture. 1928 USA."



100% accurate.

Yoda + Dumbledore + Gandalf = MEGA MENTOR! The ultimate aged advisor!

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